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Wednesday Breakfasts: Episode One

Hey everybody.  So, Wednesday is Erick and I's normal day off together and ever since I can remember we've been hitting breakfast joints around the city because, let's face it- breakfast really is the best meal of the day.  My parents even came up to visit around my birthday last month and we all decided to go to dinner.  I said, "hey no problem, I have a ton of ideas of where to go, I can just check my past Yelp check-ins and we'll have a good idea of some of the cool places we ate recently."  So I do.  And I look.  And I look.  All I see is Breakfast & Brunch over and over.  We hadn't even went to a proper dinner restaurant in over 3 months!  YIKES!  

The point is- we love breakfast.  So each Wednesday I'm going to share our adventures with you.  This way, we can all eat delicious foods and savor my favorite part about living in the brunch-filled city of Chicago.  Let's move on. 

Our visit today highlight's Toast,and more specifically, Toa…

Week 27 Update

Hello fellow internet peoples.  Decided to give a HD video update for the beginning of my third trimester.  (WE SO EXCITED!)  It was a ton of fun to make, this time we were at home in Chicago.  Erick had a bunch of lighting equipment after all the interviews he did with the chicago school councils, so before he had to ship them back we took full advantage ;)  I'm learning more about codec and h.264 and prores 422 and although it makes absolutely no sense to me, maybe it will be useful knowledge in the future.  What do I know?

It was obviously a very gesture laden, emotional, 10 minute interview.  I hope you all enjoy it.  It really is longer than I expected but instead of completely chopping it up, I decided to leave it how it is.  It's pure, natural, pregnant-y goodness of brain farts, odd humor, and searching for the right words.  If you make it to the end, remind me to give you a gold star or something.  I'll do it.
So there is a great shop featured in th…

Counterproductive Nesting

So first of all, don't freak out.  Hopefully you can tell by the nice weather and different hairstyle that this is from last summer.  I'm not drinking.  But really, can't someone make it be July and hand me a beer?  All this winter lately has been counterproductive to my motivation and my mood.  I think it's been long enough, right?  We lasted nearly to April, I'll even take 50 degree days compared to this crap.  One of the terrible things about living in Chicago.  
So finally being in the third trimester, I've encountered something that many women late in their pregnancies like to call "nesting".  Nesting is pretty much this crazy feeling a mama bird gets when she prepares her little space up in that tree and goes a little manic until it's just right.  And it's all rooted in science or something, because pretty soon the mama bird lays her eggs and then... BOOM.  Baby.  Chicks.  Everywhere.  While I'm not trying to say I'm gonna have th…

Dear Universe: please?

1. Yashica 35mm cam 2. Kodak Portra 400vc film 3. White Lomography Diana mini 4. A working LED hoop :( 5. 27" iMac for my business woman work space. 6.  Yep.  A business woman work space.  ( I need a desk!) 7.  And all material things aside, cupcakes are always a nice substitute.

SXSW Eye Candy, Film & Digital

The camera collection is growing!  The only camera not featured on here yet our all my instax prints.  I'll have to scan them in here sometime during my 8 day working streak somehow.  I hope I can get them up soon.  Then I promise I'll stop blog vomiting about SXSW! :)
Photos taken primarily with Nikon FM10 with 50mm 1.8 Nikkor lens, Canon 60d, and Nikon d300 with fisheye nikkor lens.

Tortoise & Blonde Eyewear

These guys were a highlight at the SXSW American Apparel Flea Market, and I am so stoked to order another pair of cool frames.  Erick's should be coming in around 2 weeks so I'll make sure to take some photos to show you.  At the Flea Market they were like $84 for frames *WITH* lenses, and I think regularly priced online at around $110 or so.  All the pics link to their site, or you can go here instead.

Online sales begin April 4th, 2011

Just Got Home

Just got back from Austin.  I'll be spending a majority of my night/day tomorrow uploading pics, developing prints, and converting video so I can get you all caught up on the magic that is SXSW.

(And after a total of 40hrs in a car to and from, my back is in desperate need of a long bubble bath.)

Talk to you all soon!

As some of you know, I'll be heading down to the SXSW festival in Austin tonight and have developed an all-around guide for anyone traveling to a music festival this summer.  SXSW isn't a camping festival, so you don't have to worry about tents, food, or any other outdoors-y gear like that.  I'm actually remotely thankful that we'll be in a hotel this year because my growing pregnant belly wouldn't enjoy sleeping on cold ground much right now.  (As much as I do enjoy that).

Here's what's coming with me to the fest:

- DSLR AND SLR camera.  (Told ya I couldn't make up my mind.)
- Sunglasses  because you can never find them easy enough or cheap enough once you're down there.
- One zip up hoodie  Austin is 80 degrees during the day but it's 60 at night.
- Thrift store skirts   Don't blind fellow concertgoers with your white, Chicagoan gams.
- Backpack purse     So much easier than a shoulder bag.
- Flats and Sandals  We know you like to part…
Etsy, Etsy, oh how I adore your handmade goodies.  Couldn't get enough of these this week.

This Week's Pretty Things.
1.  Handmade Vintage Fox Locket   (still have that Starfoxxx love!)
2. Birch Twig Bouquets (need for that "natural" look I've been going for)
3. Engraved Stone Pendant (just another Etsy beauty that I thought was purdy.)

Where have I been?

Freakin' busy every day of my life!  So much work lately.  But!  Good news is a well deserved 6 days off will be upon me after one more full day of work tomorrow.  I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY- can't wait.

I can't believe it

I painted! I forgot how much I've missed seeing the colors all come together and having absolutely no idea what I was doing. I'm getting really into this lullaby typography and thought, hey, what an awesome idea for our little girl's room. I'm going to make some new painted quotes to frame and maybe, just maybe, I'll start to feel better about my lack of creativity lately.
Anyway!  Off for a very long, very busy 9 hour late shift.

This Week In Pictures

photos taken with iPhone's ClassicINSTA
1. Visual Overnight 2. Dead everything outside 3. New haircut 4. You're driving 5. It's pretty 6. I'm sitting

Allora Handmade

This is one piece I can't wait to order. It's color is perfect, and it's just in time for spring!
Check out this girl's awesome shop!

Tuesday Mornings

I love Tuesday mornings and this is why: Tuesdays I don't start work untill 3pm.  I have a nice little routine where I wake up at around 9:30-10AM and lazily fumble around for some cereal.  I happened to eat the entire box of Honey Nut Cheerios this morning, so I guess I'll have to make a trip to the store tomorrow.  I'll surf the internet and chill out till like 1PM, then I get ready to leave for work at 2.  It's like that every single week.  It's my favorite.  And part of that routine has to do with making a little too much coffee for a single person to drink.

And I really had no idea how saturated those photos came out until I JUST posted them.  I swear my dinosaur MacBook displays colors in a broken kind of way.  Trust me.  I don't think that looks good, but I'm too lazy to fix it now.  You've probably noticed the fuji's I lave laying on the table.  You can't tell exactly what they are but it's something I'm proud of.  One, our ne…