Monday, February 28, 2011

things that don't look the same.

So tonight edlr and I take my 23 week belly photos and I prance up to the LCD screen looking for a sneak peek.  Oh. My. God.  What the hell happened to my thighs?  And my ass?  And my boobs?  I mean, I knew for sure my belly was going to grow with this pregnancy but nobody told me about the rest of my body.

  I'm in shock.

So, I thought, how fitting for tonight's theme to be "things that don't look the same anymore."  I cut my hair on Saturday.  It feels good.  It's dyed and I have bangs and for once it's just manageable and not out of control hippy locks.  

(At least I have that to feel good about)

It's depressing seeing your body change.  I mean, I know I'm creating a life here, but lil Sof is taking everything once good looking I had and becoming the most beautiful looking baby in the whole world.  I just know it.  Plus, it's the only reason I can justify for loving my newly expanded curvature.


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