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23 weeks

Here we are friends, at week twenty three.  I can't believe it.  Time has been going slow and flying by all at the same time.  I remember back when I was like 7 weeks pregnant, thinking, gosh I hope this speeds up!  Now it can't slow down.  Things always seem to work that way don't they?

Well a few things about this week.  Sofie is stronger than ever.  I give random people belly insight at work and it really freaks them out.  She kicked like 5 of my coworkers.  That's my girl.  It's been fun though, I can feel her different sleep wake cycles.  She'll be up for about 20 minutes or so footworkin' in my belly and then she'll wear herself out and pass out for another 2-3 hours.  It's kinda cool.

Except when she wakes me up at 6am.
(new personal alarm clock).

I've been increasingly hungrier and hungrier as the weeks get farther along, but it seems as she's growing the food really doesn't have any room to fit inside of me.  Is that weird?  I'm…

things that don't look the same.

So tonight edlr and I take my 23 week belly photos and I prance up to the LCD screen looking for a sneak peek.  Oh. My. God.  What the hell happened to my thighs?  And my ass?  And my boobs?  I mean, I knew for sure my belly was going to grow with this pregnancy but nobody told me about the rest of my body.

  I'm in shock.

So, I thought, how fitting for tonight's theme to be "things that don't look the same anymore."  I cut my hair on Saturday.  It feels good.  It's dyed and I have bangs and for once it's just manageable and not out of control hippy locks.  

(At least I have that to feel good about)

It's depressing seeing your body change.  I mean, I know I'm creating a life here, but lil Sof is taking everything once good looking I had and becoming the most beautiful looking baby in the whole world.  I just know it.  Plus, it's the only reason I can justify for loving my newly expanded curvature.

It's been a year.

I can’t believe how much can happen in a years time, that’s for sure.  I look at this picture and remember so much, having a beer either before or after one of his gigs.  Let me tell you- it’s awesome courting a DJ because you have the perfect opportunity for “dates”.  Every time he had a gig, we’d be able to go out, have a beer, I’d watch him play and we’d get the chance to talk and meet people.  It was never awkward because we were surrounded by friends, yet it always left me craving more.  I didn’t want to be a part of the Starfoxxx fan club or seem like a groupie.  I was in love. We weren’t even dating yet in this picture. You were thinking pretty heavily about something and I’m smiling about something, and was lucky our friend Magali was there to capture this moment.  It’s one that brings me back.  And to think now we’re expecting our first little girl in June and have our awesome little place… it’s crazy.  I am still fascinated every single day by this man.  I’m happy he’s my futu…